Silk SLEEVEE & SCRUNCHIE Set I Cherry Blossom

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It's like wearing nice underwear - no one sees it and yet it feels good to wear a matching set of this high quality product. 


Made from 100% natural mulberry silk...

  • The SCRUNCHIES prevent hair tangling, minimize hair kinking and counteract hair breakage. They come in 3 different sizes (S=2.5cm, M=3.5cm and L=5cm).
  • The SLEEVEE is your musthave styling tool to keep the rolled up sleeves of your blazer, blouse, shirt, jumper & coat in place. They come in 3 different sizes (S =23cm, M=27cm and L=31cm).

How to care for my silk products?


What does a set contain?

  • 1 Scrunchie (S, M or L) or a Set of 3 Scrunchies (same color)
  • 2 SLEEVEEs of the same color (Size S, M or L) 
  • 1 ecofriendly bag with golden zipper 
  • The SLEEVEEs and Scrunchies of one set will be in matching colors 


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Treat yourself to this matching Silk Set and feel glamorous!